Long-lasting, sustainable, quality products handcrafted in Spain.


    Our process is a reflection of how we see the world. All of our products are designed and handcrafted in Spain. Materials and suppliers are carefully selected, always aiming for the closer ones. It’s our way to contribute to the local development, as well as to reduce the environmental footprint of our actions. Backpacks are heartfully crafted by experienced local tanners.

    Longevity requires time.


The seed of TNN project was the idea of one of the founders of the brand who began to design a backpack thought to be carried to an infinite number of places and to live countless experiences. Now we are a genuinely curious, passionate group of friends that develop original, handcrafted backpacks in Spain. TNN is driven by creating the bag we need to go to the places we want and live the experiences we dream of.

Life's meant to live.